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Lodyn is a network engaged in the healing and deepening of the human-nature-relationship. We see ourselves as a part of a multifaceted, worldwide movement that works for The Great Turning, a shift from the unsustainable industrial societies of today, to life-enhancing and life-sustaining communities.

The Great Turning includes the emergence of an ecological culture that seeks to connects us to the cycles of nature, with the great web of life that we are a part of. In such a culture, we evolve the art of life that we call Nature Awareness, which goes beyond abstract thinking, free our minds and emanicipate our senses and bodies to their connection with the animate world.

Our work in Lodyn aims to provide guidance, inspiration, and tools for the creation of an ecological culture and in shaping a life that is connected with nature.

We are working for the Rights of Nature to be spread and implemented, on local, national and global levels.

We are building a Life Cairn in the Royal National City Park as a memorial site for all these species that now are extinct because of human ignorance. It is a Cairn of stones in the public space that are continously growing, a place of mourning and of remembering our true belonging to the web of life.

We arrange a one-year long education in ecopsychology and nature awareness.

And much more…

The name, Lodyn, comes from the world of mythology. It is the Old Norse name of the Earth Goddess. We have chosen to name our network after her, because she manifest the core of our engagement and our understanding:

The Earth as our home, our wild origin.

The Earth as animate and self-organizing.

The Earth as metaphorical, mythic and sacred.