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Joining the dots: Gaia-konstellationer med Debbie Warrener

8 januari, 2018 @ kl 18:00 - 21:00


Lodyn arrangerar introduktionskväll i Gaia-konstellationer med Debbie Warrener.

Språket är engelska

Joining the dots – Finding our place: Gaia constellations introductory evening

What is constellations

The constellations process is a way to understand the connections between different parts of a system.  A system can be an organisation, our relationship with the earth, a family or our relationship with different parts of our selves.  Constellations looks a bit like a role play with different people speaking for different parts of the system but actually it works more deeply than this.  Constellations is about connecting with the way everything is connected with everything else. Feelings and insights from the different parts of the system in a constellation give new information about the issue being explored.

Why do constellations

Constellations gives insights into the relationships within systems. This information can help you make better choices and decisions.  It can help you understand challenging dynamics better. It can also help give you a wider perspective around changes you wish to make – whether they are personal or societal. This is energy work so it also helps shift the system too.  You don’t need to particularly understand it to experience it.  You just need to be willing to explore a question using this method.

Gaia constellations

Gaia constellations specifically look at our relationships with nature and with the earth.  In this introductory evening we’ll use the process to explore one question that the group as a whole want to get insights into.  This could be about a specific local issue, a global issue or something common to everyone such as how to be most effective as a change maker.

Example Gaia constellations

Debbie Warrener has offered Gaia constellations in many different settings around many different issues. For example she has led them at protest camps around questions of how the camp can have most impact. She has led them for local issues such as how to prevent destructive development and for global issues such as how to stop the extraction of oil from the Amazon or how to help bees. She has also led them for many people on more personal issues including how to find their path as a change maker.

Training for facilitators

Debbie will be running a training course for facilitators to learn how to run Gaia constellations next year in Sweden. This process can be a very good compliment to other eco-facilitation methods.  It helps gives participants an experience of how things are interconnected and also provides powerful and valuable insights for groups interested in change. It’s also group energy work for change.

About Debbie

For the past 7 years Debbie has been working as a leadership trainer and coach running workshops and retreats for change makers and wannabe change makers. She lives in London but also works internationally including working a lot in Sweden in recent years. Debbie is passionate about helping those who want to work for change find their inner spark, place and purpose – so they can be fully themselves and have fun while changing the world! This she calls Inner Leadership for Outer Change. You can find out more about her here:

Plats: Terrassen, Hälsans hus, Stockholm

Kostnad: 300 SEK (Medlemmar i Lodyn: 200:-)

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8 januari, 2018
18:00 - 21:00
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Hälsans hus
Fjällgatan 23B
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